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Simon National Carriers are regularly seeking linehaul drivers based in Toowoomba, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Ideal Applicants will have General Freight experience, be 25 years of age or older, and have a good driving record. Career paths are available for younger drivers. Successful semi trailer driver applicants will complete a 2 week training course, held regularly in Brisbane, prior to driving company primemovers. In addition, positions are regularly available for rigid truck drivers and loaders in our branches, and mechanics and apprentice mechanics in our workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Our employment application form can be downloaded by clicking on the following link. It may be submitted by fax, or in person to your local branch, or emailed to the branch email address on the contacts page. Linehaul applicants should be submitted directly to our linehaul manager at linehaul@simon.com.au.


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General Description
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