Our fleet is comprised of over 100 primemovers and 60 rigid trucks to assist with metro delivery and local distribution tasks. Our linehaul fleet is equipped with the latest satellite tracking devices to assist us in both monitoring the movement of the fleet and ensuring compliance with driving hours and rest break regulations. We also operate 150 trailers in configurations including flat tops, tautliners, drop decks, extendables and prairie wagons to ensure we are able to meet the varying needs of our customers.

We choose to retain a large company-owned fleet in order to provide the best possible service to our clients. We’re continually upgrading the fleet to ensure we obtain the benefits of improved technologies, such as fuel economy, lower vehicle emissions and reduced maintenance costs, all which mean we can continue to provide our clients with exceptional value for money.

Simon National Carriers is also able to provide clients with transport services that require specialised equipment through our national network of specialised carriers.

Simon National Carriers have extensive rail infrastructure on appropriate long haul routes between the east coast and Western Australia, and from the southern states into North Queensland. Our rail fleet is comprised of over 200 containers, many of which have a side-loading capability, enabling loading by our clients in a similar manner to a normal road unit.

Our equipment includes 20ft, 40ft and 48ft units in a variety of configurations, including flat racks (or transiflats), prairie wagons and tautliner units.