Simon National Carriers recognise that the essential services which we provide lead to the generation of wastes which are harmful to the environment.

We take all practical steps to minimise the amount of these wastes and their impact on our environment and the community.

Initiatives include :

  • 90km/h to reduce fuel consumption and the resultant output of greenhouse gas and other wastes
  • Bullbars only specified for "outback" routes to maximise fuel economy
  • Driver training to ensure appropriate best practice driving skills are applied by our drivers
  • Continual upgrade of our linehaul fleet and local fleets with new vehicles operating to the latest mandated emissions regulations
  • Review of other wastes, and opportunities for their minimisation

We are also members of the "Greenhouse Challenge", a federal government initiative intended to reduce Australia's greenhouse emissions by putting in place systems to measure emissions, and as a result of being aware of the, to encourage practices which minimise their output.

In a further initiative, Simon National Carriers has developed Australia's first Greenhouse gas neutral freight service, CleanFreight. Where customers elect to participate in our CleanFreight program, all emissions generated in the movement of their goods are offset by investment in programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Such projects may include tree planting, waste gas capture and use, or (otherwise uneconomic) investment in industrial processes to reduce emissions.