Simon Warehousing
Simon Warehousing Capabilities

The Simon Warehousing division offers in excess of 115,000 sqm of covered warehousing capacity in capital cities right across Australia, plus strategically selected rural locations.

Warehouse Information

Each of our 8 branches provide multi user warehousing facilities in a facility shared with our transport and distribution infrastructure, as well as a number of satellite warehouses in major centres.

What makes Simon different?

Offering an end-to-end solution, Our Warehousing service is supplemented by an internally developed, fully customisable Warehouse Management System (WMS). The WMS is adaptable to smart technology and has the ability to integrate with our clients’ in-house operating systems.

Our platform is user-friendly and flexible, offering clients control and access. As a low-cost outsourced warehouse partner, we minimise risk for our clients whilst adding value in areas such as assembly and kitting.

Committed to quality customer service, we strive to cater for a wide variety of profiles’ customer specific delivery-times and seasonal demands.
We have placed a significant focus on providing our clients with the
flexibility to suit their ongoing needs and business requirements.

Warehousing Solutions
  • Multi-customer or exclusively dedicated customer sites, depending on volume and scope
  • Wharf cartage from Wharf to our depot
  • Flexibility of unloading containers at our depot
    • Mobicons/Combi lifts to move containers onto the floor for destuffing (Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne only)
    • Hard stands for side loader container drops
    • End loading docks for live unloads
  • Experienced onsite dispatch function personnel
  • Bespoke integration between customer ERP and Simon Warehouse Management System. Ability to integrate from Excel, Comma or Tab delimited files through to full EDI integration
  • Fully transparent and secure client web portal to view inventory and transactions
  • Batch control and Serial Tracking with full RF scanning
  • GS1 compliant using SSCC labels
  • Full stocktake functionality with item and location level scanning
  • KPI reporting
  • Ability to manage metro, country and interstate delivery through to end customer through our
    National Transport network
Lifting Equipment Capability
  • Forklift lifting capacity up to 16 tonnes
  • Overhead Cranes (Brisbane only)
Activity Type Capability
  • Full pallet, carton or split case picking
  • Packaging
  • Value added services, such as assembling and kitting
    • i.e. agriculture equipment for dealer delivery
  • In light manufacturing within cable industry
    • i.e. cable cutting to length orders, cable drum building
Storage Type Capability
  • Standard pallet racked
  • Non-standard pallet single or block stacked
  • Ability to store and handle bulky and difficult items such as
    • Escalators
    • Elevators
    • Agriculture Equipment
      - Mobile equipment – tractors, mowers
    • Air Handling Units
    • Cable Drums
  • Internal floorspace storage - block or single stack
  • External floorspace storage- block or single stack
  • Fixed area storage for client exclusive use
Our Service

The Simon team provide our clients with complete guidance and transparency throughout the introduction and ongoing use of the Simon Warehousing service. A dedicated representative for each client works directly with their team to program the Simon WMS to specifically cater to their business. We have the capacity to action special requests as required whilst working together to deliver value for money and time effective processes.

Safety & Compliance

The safety of stock is a very high priority, our team is trained extensively to identify areas of risk throughout the entire process and implement processes to ensure there is minimal possibility of damage or loss to your business. We go above and beyond to make sure all parties in the supply chain including the consignor or dispatcher, packer, loader, scheduler, consignee or receiver, as well as the driver and operator are aware of and take positive steps to prevent a breach of road transport laws and regulations in regards to mass, packaging, load restraint dimension, loading, speed, fatigue and work hours.

Our systems allow us to monitor the actions of our fleet and our drivers in real-time. This allows us to monitor speed, acceleration and deceleration, any instances of harsh braking, freight mass and schedules, required rest breaks and total driving hours. Our system alerts supervisors of any imminent or actual breach in regulations and allows them to take action immediately.

Our Clients

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Contact us about your business so that we can find a solution that works for you.

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