Safety & Compliance

In an industry thought to push the boundaries of compliance and safety, Simon National Carriers is proud of our industry leading regulatory compliance initiatives. We demonstrate a commitment to not only meeting the relevant standards and regulations but providing a level of safety and compliance that is over and above what we are bound to legally provide under transport law.

Our initiatives in this area are many and varied and we’re continually responding to changes in both the legislative environment and the industry itself. Some of our key initiatives include:

Industry Leading Systems
Our systems allow us to monitor the actions of our fleet and our drivers in real-time. This allows us to monitor speed, acceleration and deceleration, any instances of harsh braking, freight mass and schedules, required rest breaks and total driving hours. Our system alerts supervisors of any imminent or actual breach in regulations and allows them to take action immediately.

Our fully integrated systems also track driver competencies and state licensing records, fleet maintenance records and trip history. This technology is also used within our vehicles – notifying our drivers of an impending required rest break or of a breach in maximum speed when declining down a hill, allowing them to take timely corrective action.

Training & Staff Development
We’re continually investing in our staff to ensure safe work practices and the maintenance of a safe working environment for all.

Upon employment, our drivers, regardless of past experience, undergo training in road rules, fatigue management, defensive driving, compliance with regulations, cab assessment, basic maintenance, and load restraint. This training must be completed before drivers are permitted to drive our vehicles.

Our Fleet & Driver Safety
Vehicle speed in our linehaul fleet is limited to 90 kilometers per hour. Interstate drivers are provided with air-conditioned bunkrooms to rest and recuperate whilst local staff undertake most pickup and delivery operations and prepare their loads for departure to ensure our drivers are able to obtain quality rest. We also provide drivers with catered meals, avoiding the need for them to stop for a meal break soon after commencing their interstate trip.

These initiatives play an integral role in ensuring and demonstrating our compliance with laws, but most importantly, they keep our drivers and our client’s assets safe.