Building with Kubota


Learn how we develop long-term, unique relationships with our customers to create a unique and professional solution for your business.


December 18th, 2018


Since 1973, the Simon family has continued to develop Simon National Carriers into one of the largest privately owned national freight companies in Australia through ability to recognise and deliver to the exact needs of our customers. This skill was imperative in our early success and we remain true to these values today.

After expanding our warehouse operations 20 years ago, we have continually cultivated an extensive and loyal customer base. Through internal development based on our extensive practical experience and technological knowledge, our Warehouse Management System adapts to the needs of customers according to their in house inventory management system, nature of stock, delivery requirements and industry demand.

Cumulatively, our service offering has been the backbone of long term connections with domestic and international corporations such as Kubota Australia.

Kubota Corporation is a market leading, diverse, heavy equipment manufacturer from Japan that has been a client of Simon’s for over 30 years. After outgrowing their facilities under strong, continual expansion, Kubota began using Simon’s Warehousing solution.

We assist Kubota in unpacking containers, storing and managing inventory at Simon warehouses and dispatching goods to Kubota dealers. Our solution has enabled Kubota to flexibly manage stock, whilst efficiently and effectively meeting seasonal demands. Simon assists in storing the required replenishment for short and long-term periods, at facilities tailored to Kubota’s stock of vastly varying profile.

“Simon gives us that flexibility to get our stock to our market faster, they help us to be in the right place at the right time for our suppliers,” Greg Vincent, Kubota Supply Chain Manager

After more than 30 years together, we have forged a close relationship with the Kubota team through trust, expertise and a passion for delivering tailored solutions. We ensure we deliver responsively, transparently and with a dedication to value add as Kubota’s needs grow and evolve.

“Simon is a good solid company that has continued to do the best job they can to help our business…” – Greg Vincent.

See how Simon can tailor warehousing solutions to suit the needs of your business with the knowledge, experience and dedication we bring to all of our clients.