Simon National Carriers And National Tiles Further Strengthen Partnership

Simon is leading the warehousing sector by giving customers what they want


December 23rd, 2020

Simon National Carriers trucks are travelling thousands of city and country kilometres each day, including plenty of kilometres covered to distribute for National tiles to stores and warehouses.

Recognising the exposure this offers, some of Simon’s newest local fleet have been fitted with striking curtains which are now out and about busy delivering stock as well as acting as mobile billboards for National Tiles.

“We have a very close relationship” says James Grose National Operations Manager of National Tiles.

“Davids’ door (David Simon, CEO) is always open and Rodney (Rodney Bradey, CIO) from IT is always available for anything we need.”

James notes “We started off together over 5 years ago with just movements of one truck, now we are working daily and this year we commenced using their warehouse facilities. Their WMS (Warehouse Management System) is easy to use and very accurate…”

Take a look at James’ ratings out of 10 for other general questions:

  • Level of service maintained through COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Relationships with all our people
  • Quality of communication
  • Safety and compliance
  • Value we have provided them
  • Professionalism of our business
  • Satisfaction
  • Honesty/  transparency

“No one is perfect” says James, “but they are pretty close. I am sure there may be other companies out there that can do cheaper, but I wouldn’t be confident with the rest of the service they would provide. The trust I have in them means I can get on with my own job and know they are doing theirs.

James went on to say “So to sum things up - They have a family business feel with the might to support National Tiles’ business. I would say their point of difference is their service and the fact that safety to them is number 1.”

“Oh and I love the new curtains, they are awesome.”

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