October 3rd, 2019

After 6 years of successful partnership with Simon National Carriers, Michael Mills – General Manager Supply Chain of Rondo Building Services PTY LTD spoke about the relationship between these two industry leaders and how Simon National Carriers have supported Rondo Building Services in delivering the all-encompassing service they are today.

Prior to Simon, Michael stated that Rondo were using inefficient third-party methods to transport their loads across Australia – which created the need for a service that not only worked across the country but could consistently pack and transport their long-length, light gauge roll-formed steel product without damage.

The process is simple – “Rondo prepare the stock and load then Simon organises the safe tie down and delivery. Through specialised equipment and training for staff, Simon are the best in the business when it comes transporting non-conventional products.” Michael stated that Rondo rely on Simon to deliver about 3 to 4 B-Double trucks per day – working onsite from their Sydney warehouse and remotely from other locations across Australia.

With Simon using dedicated and customised equipment with specialists to tie down all loads – be it line-haul to Brisbane, Melbourne or Adelaide or rail services to Perth, Rondo are assured that their products will arrive at destination safely and undamaged every single time.

The Simon and Rondo partnership has recently reached new heights with designated full-curtain branded Rondo trailers added to the fleet – which act as a nation-wide roving billboard for the company. As Michael stated “Simon is now a valuable extension of their own team,” there is no doubt that the partnership between the two will continue to strengthen.

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